Made in Britain


All of our products are manufactured in Britain, which means all of our products have strict quality regulations which are met and far exceeded in most cases, they are manufactured to the highest of standards right here in Britain.

We are finding that more often than ever customers are keen to 'buy British', not only fruit and veg from your local markets but home improvement products too. When buying British made products you know that you are getting something that is built to last and has strict quality control checks. There are too many foreign imports of products on the market at cut down prices these days, they may appear to look the same but more often than not the quality of the product is very poor in camparison, such as poor security, inefficent thermal designs and poor quality uPVC plastic. We can stand proud to say that all of our British made products are very high quality built with leading edge technology, robust and are designed to last.

We are big supporters of British made products and really proud to say that all of our products from uPVC windows to roofline products and rubber roofs are made here in Britain.